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The ultimate experience of Bushveld luxury

Our Bushveld stands on top of the mountain are a nature lover’s paradise. The stands are massive – at least 5000 square metres – and may not be enclosed, so that game may roam freely through the area.

The views are awe-inspiring and will bring calmness to your life. Just add a Bushveld fire and you will want to sit down and become philosophical over a glass of your favourite drink.

You have the freedom of design to create your dream home on one of these stands. Any size will do – it’s up to your imagination.

Houses must be styled in accordance with the Estate architectural guidelines – Traditional, Classic, Modern and Avant Garde. Our panel of architects can help you with your plan and we can further assist you with all the aspects of the building work. You are also welcome to make use of any registered architect and accredited builder on the estate, or have your own architect and builder accredited.

Site plan of the Bushveld stands

Click on the image below to download a pdf version of the Bushveld mountain stands.

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